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2 requests - visibility and availability setting enhancements

Jan 20 at 4:37 PM
I have a request, as follows:

I am syncing from my Gmail into Exchange so that I have "reminders" of existing commitments in my personal life, before I schedule something for work.

There are 2 options I need:
1) Always sync all items as private.
2) Always sync all items as free/available.

Of course for 1 and 2 above, instead of "always" you could have an option for users that is "use the source appointment setting", but "always" is what I need to both hide and not block my calendar (since work is my top priority, at least according to my work exchange calendar).

Both of these are important, as by default I like to share my calendar at work (and promote transparency).

If there is any way we could get these options, that would be fantastic. I'm a 20 year IT guy so would be happy to help test or whatever needed.

Thanks in advance!
Jan 29 at 6:59 PM
Hey @phw198 - I came to see if by chance there was a response here that I missed, but I get it. Life is busy. So I took a chance and downloaded the source code...looks like it will compile on my VS2015 community instance.

I found the createCalendarEntry() function, and looks like these lines might be the trick if I/we add some config flags / dropdown to the form:
  • ai.Sensitivity = (ev.Visibility == "private") ? OlSensitivity.olPrivate : OlSensitivity.olNormal;
  • ai.BusyStatus = (ev.Transparency == "transparent") ? OlBusyStatus.olFree : OlBusyStatus.olBusy;
I'd be happy to help with this mod, and bring back my old coder days. It's been a while but I think can do this fairly easy. Would you want to email me with some instructions on how best to do this, if you're willing to try to merge this into the main release at some point?

Thanks in advance for all your efforts!
May 14 at 8:32 PM