[Request] Move project to Github

Mar 18 at 12:12 AM
Can you move this project to Github. I just hate pretty much everything besides Github.

Github is like using a nice, contemporary, progressive website

CodePlex is like a pile of trash

That said, consider moving to Github please.

I actually think less of your software because it's not on Github. It makes me think this project is run by amatures because skilled dev's recognize nice things and prefer nice things. Guess what, CodePlex is not a nice thing, and Github is a very nice thing. I'm not bad mouthing anyone, I'm just opening your mind to a prespective you may have not considered.

Honestly, I get icky feelings when I download software from CodePlex. I feel like I'm getting 10 year old software with 1 or 2 half assed developers working on it

That may not be the case, but I didnt put this project on CodePlex, you did