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More than 365 days in the past and future required!


I need to synchronize my whole calendar, which means much more than just 365 days in the future or past. Is there any way to do this or can you implement this option in the next version, maybe?
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phw198 wrote Feb 22 at 9:44 PM

Are you sure you need to constantly sync more than +/- 1 year? If there are recurring events spanning the sync period they will get synced no matter when they start or end. If you want to populate a calendar in order to migrate from one to another, then exporting/importing would be a better option?

That all said, the recent alphas will allow you to use your own API keys which aren't restricted for the sync period, so you're welcome to try that.

MrPassey wrote Mar 16 at 3:18 PM

Option to sync more than one year in the past is required because I have many birthday reminders which were originally setup in 2012 and I would prefer not to have to edit the re-occurrence start date every year to ensure these continue to be synced.

phw198 wrote Mar 16 at 6:02 PM

Er, what? If it recurs yearly it will be synced as such. The month it falls in must be a month within your sync range though.