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Sometimes ocurrences from series are not saved


Sometimes ocurrences from series are not saved.
Use one way Outlook -> Google sync.

Series are saved correctly. But when Ocurrences appear - only one of them are saved. Other are ignored.

Can not reproduce bug. Exist only for series that are made by other person.
Closed May 6 at 11:20 PM by phw198


phw198 wrote Apr 1 at 10:57 PM

Are you running the latest alpha? If not, I suggest you give that a go.

Let me know if the issue remains after upgrading.


mkjyhuniolkj wrote Apr 6 at 10:37 AM


2.3.5 return issue:

WARNING: Updated event failed to save.
Precondition Failed [412]
Errors [
Message[Precondition Failed] Location[If-Match - header] Reason[conditionNotMet] Domain[global]

mkjyhuniolkj wrote Apr 6 at 10:40 AM

It worked without errors on second run.
But nothing changed in google calendar - events was not updated.

Is there any ability to re-synchronize whole calendar from beginning?

mkjyhuniolkj wrote Apr 21 at 10:54 AM

Dropped entire Google calendar and re-synced from scratch.

Seems that all ocurrences are in place.
Version 2.3.5

Closing issue (if i can, of course)

phw198 wrote May 6 at 11:20 PM

Glad you sorted it. For the record, you should be able to force sync everything by Shift-clicking the "Sync" button.