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Continual Retry to Delete Recurring All Day Events


Deleting 12 Google calendar entries...
Not deleted: 2/17/2010 (R) => "John ------'s Birthday"
Not deleted: 9/14/2003 (R) => "Dan ------'s Birthday"
Not deleted: 10/2/2007 (R) => "Kathy ------'s Birthday"
Not deleted: 1/17/2012 (R) => "James ------'s Birthday"
Not deleted: 11/1/2011 (R) => "David -----'s Birthday"
and so forth...

I have Outlook Sync set to ask me when it deletes an event. There are 12 recurring events (examples detailed above) that Sync keeps trying to delete. So I have to manually hit "No" each time.

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dlmcmurr wrote May 10 at 5:03 PM

I've got the same issue after upgrading to, except my recurring calendar entries are 0 minutes rather than all day. I have 52 of them. The old version worked great for me.

dlmcmurr wrote May 10 at 5:50 PM

Here's the error text from OGcalsync.log: Found Google item missing Outlook IDs., on each of the 52 items.