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Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously

May 20, 2015 at 3:31 PM
I just installed for the first time. However, I can't even the initial sync to work. I whittled it all the way down to 0 days in the past and 1 day in the future, yet I STILL get the following error. It works fine for my co-worker who told me about this app so it can't be our exchange server's settings. I turned logging up to "All" and this is all I get. I have no unsent emails that I'm composing but I do have about 35 unread. Any ideas?



Reading Outlook Calendar Entries...

8 Outlook calendar entries found.

Reading Google Calendar Entries...

2 Google calendar entries found.

Unable to identify calendar differences. The following error occurred:
Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously. Try closing messages you have opened or removing attachments and images from unsent messages you are composing.
May 30, 2015 at 2:00 AM
Hi and thanks for reporting.

However, this is indeed a limit as imposed by your Exchange administrators :(

For Outlook 2007, a post reports it maybe doesn't handle frequent network disconnects very well and multiple sessions per user build up on Exchange (not sure which version).

For Outlook 2010, a blog describes increasing the open item limit on Exchange 2010, along with a more detailed MS Technet article.

If you're lucky, trying OGCS again another day after you have logged off and Exchange has dropped your sessions, you might have better luck as your colleague did. If not, what version of Outlook are you running? Is it exactly the same release or patchset as your colleague? If not, maybe you can request an upgrade.

Finally, if your IT run an Exchange cluster, it might be different servers have got different settings, and you're connected to one with more restricted configuration.

Anyway unfortunately, there's nothing I can do to help with the application - so I hope you have friendly Exchange administrators who can help. Good luck!
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