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Sync Previously Synced items on a new computer

Oct 25, 2016 at 10:31 PM
I had Outlook Google Calendar Sync installed on a previous computer...that died.
MS Outlook 2013 was on that computer synced to my Google account.

I have a new computer with the same MS Outlook 2013 installed. With all new PST files. Started with clean copies as I had nothing that needed to remain.

OGCS is installed. If I add a new outlook calendar item. It syncs to Google. If I add a new Google calendar item. It syncs to my Outlook. But the previously exising Google Calendar entries that were previously synced to the now dead computer will not sync. It recognizes that there are 48 entries in the time frame to sync, but doe snot sync any of them.

Is there a "I've been synced" flagged in Google that is preventing these from syncing? I tried changing the description on the existing entries and moved one from one day to another and still did not sync.

Any advice (short of delete them all and re-add) is greatly appreciated.
May 14 at 8:59 PM