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New install can't see my Outlook Calendar

Nov 2, 2016 at 7:35 PM
New User - Recently installed iCloud which hijacked my contacts and calendar to the cloud, so it is no longer stored locally on my .pst file. Is this the problem? Outlook settings are: Default mailbox, Default Calendar with no filter categories excluded, and Default Regional Date format. Have tried all date formats and the only appoints returned are the 13 that synced from Google calendar on first sync. Zero appointments returned from the Outlook Calendar on Test. Google retrieve of 1 calendar worked fine and brought Google info into existing Outlook default calendar, but won't work the other way upstream. Have detailed my settings below.
Sync options:
How: are set to sync both ways Outlook to Google and vice-versa; merge with existing entries, disable deletions;
When: 1 day past; 60 days future; Interval 0 hours, Push Outlook changes immediately
What: All attributes checked except DND between.....
Would appreciate any advice, especially if the problem is the iCloud calendar being the default - if that is the problem I have to figure out how to "steal" my calendar and contacts back from iCloud without losing data.....who knew that choosing "sync" meant they were going to MOVE my data files? GRRRR... ;(
May 14 at 8:58 PM