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Moved appointments prompted for deletion in Outlook every time

Dec 23, 2016 at 2:55 PM
I posted an issue back in November, and not had any response.

Id #415 | Release: None | Updated: Dec 9 at 10:33 AM by draeburn | Created: Nov 24 at 1:10 PM by draeburn

Not had any response, but error is still there. Just curious if I am the only one getting it. If any appointment is changed, either by me or another party, from that point onwards OGCS wants to delete it from Outlook. New appointments work fine, and deleted appointments get cleared fine, but change the date, or even just the time (in Outlook) and for some reason OGCS thinks it needs to be deleted from Outlook. Anyone else had this?
May 14 at 8:37 PM