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Released: Nov 1, 2015
Updated: Nov 1, 2015 by phw198
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Application v2.0.6.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1390K, uploaded Nov 1, 2015 - 528 downloads

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Application v2.0.1.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1386K, uploaded Sep 19, 2015 - 109 downloads
Application v2.0.2.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1387K, uploaded Sep 23, 2015 - 69 downloads
Application v2.0.3.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1387K, uploaded Sep 26, 2015 - 128 downloads
Application v2.0.4.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1389K, uploaded Oct 5, 2015 - 247 downloads
Application v2.0.5.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1389K, uploaded Oct 22, 2015 - 197 downloads

Release Notes

Introducing 2-way synchronisation and authentic recurring events

Please Read:
  • This release brings significant changes to the sync engine as it syncs recurring items natively (not as individual appointments).
  • v2 is not backwardly compatible with v1. If you must return to v1, please set up a new calendar to sync to. Switching between versions is not tested nor supported.
  • It is likely a period of bug squashing will be needed and this release is probably somewhere between a nightly and an alpha - you have been warned :-)


  • Balloon click after sync shows sync log screen.
  • Proper API backoff when limit hit.
  • Simplified and more efficient mechanism to reprocess Events affected by attendee API limit.
  • Outlook date format initialisation.
  • Inadvertently making non-recurring events recurring.
  • Handle empty timezone strings.
  • Recurring weekly events on 1< day of the week.
  • Repeated processing of affected Events while limit still in effect.


  • Reliably get Appointment ID across all versions of Outlook
  • Custom code to determine if recurring Outlook exception has been deleted (unreliable API)


  • Surfaced Outlook date formatting in UI for user configuration.
  • Explicitly attach to Outlook process if already running.
  • Better exception handling when reconnecting to Outlook.


  • Responding to Outlook invites no longer causes Google event to be recreated.
  • Added better Google ExtendedProperty accessors.
  • Retrieve specific Google event if already know Event ID (for recurring master) - 2way sync enhancement.
  • Don't release Outlook items prematurely, if 2way sync.
  • New way of specifying Outlook date range - better support for non-English regions.
  • Handle release version numbers with parts >9


  • Explicitly dereference Outlook objects and GC on close.
  • Improved error handling when user requests cancel of sync on error.
  • Cache Google exceptions when retrieved outside of sync date range.
  • Use modification time when comparing recurring Event exceptions.
  • Cancel sync if requested after an error.
  • G->O Handle null timezones events.
  • Getting Outlook recurrence exception if moved and deleted.
  • Logic to detect if new version available.
  • Start in tray crashes application when shown.


  • Notification tray icon:-
    • Show bubble when minimising to tray.
    • Click bubble to suppress future notifications.
    • Single click to show application.
    • Double click to start a sync.
    • Right click for menu.
  • Syncing from notification tray icon when window minimised.
  • Handle exception and reinitialisation of correct Outlook calendar if Outlook is restarted.
  • Error on startup if offline and MAPI calendar folder unavailable.
  • Recurring events
    • Syncing deleted exceptions from O->G.
    • Syncing exceptions with original date outside sync range.
  • Flickering when restoring window.


  • Major development to properly sync recurring items.
  • Added "minimise instead of close" as configurable setting.
  • Handle appointment timezone info in all Outlook versions.
  • Compare iCal recurrence elements individually (not entire string).
  • Retrieve "master" Google events starting before sync date range.
  • Compare Google recurrence pattern to Outlook when updating.
  • Obfuscation - fonts and saving settings.
  • Duplication of recurring events.

Reviews for this release

I am using this version now for syncing between my corp agenda and my Android phone. Though it is still Alpha I encountered no big issues anymore
by HeMaN68 on Nov 10, 2015 at 10:46 AM
Looking Solid, working very smoothly sync wise, really like the subtle usability tweaks too in the notification tray and the 'notification bubble feedback'.
by TheJacksonian on Sep 23, 2015 at 11:46 PM