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Released: Mar 30, 2016
Updated: Mar 30, 2016 by phw198
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Application v2.1.5.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1382K, uploaded Mar 30, 2016 - 435 downloads

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Application v2.1.1.0 - Portable Zip
application, 1392K, uploaded Jan 6, 2016 - 435 downloads
Application v2.1.2.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1394K, uploaded Jan 31, 2016 - 282 downloads
Application v2.1.3.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1395K, uploaded Feb 10, 2016 - 431 downloads
Application v2.1.4.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1396K, uploaded Mar 7, 2016 - 487 downloads

Release Notes


  • Improved error handling during sync.
  • Now supports 64bit Outlook.
  • Changed from using Startup menu shortcut to registry key.
  • Mention OGCS in version update alert.
  • Added option to use Google calendar default notification.
  • "About" tab includes config file location.
  • Select correct Outlook calendar on reconnect (x-thread compliant).
  • Ensure we have an Google username before subscribing.
  • Make splash screen disappear no matter initialisation state.
  • Remove cancelled recurrence in G not yet accepted by recipient in O.


  • Show tray icon after MainForm initialised.
  • Get on initialising during splash screen.
  • Sync occurrences attribute of recurrence.
  • Ignore Google events without basic attributes (eg start date)
  • Don't keep recreating startup short cut.
  • Failure to obtain recipient email address.
  • Handle transient "401 Unauthorised" API errors.
  • Push registration happening twice during app initialisation.
  • G->O update recurrence number of occurrences.
  • G->O syncing to wrong calendar if Outlook's restarted.
  • G->O update recurrence pattern before start/end dates.


  • Ultra-Fine logging level added.
  • Mask email addresses unless logging at Ultra-Fine level.
  • Handle MeetingItems as well as AppointmentItems.
  • Discard items without a date range.
  • Allow recipient emails to start with underscore.
  • Error when no subscribers.
  • Remove single quote marks around an email address.
  • Updating Outlook date range for non-recurring items.


  • Adding AbortableBackgroundWorker.cs
  • Handle API daily limit being exhausted.
  • Added option of subscribing for guaranteed API quota.
  • Required permissions now include Google user ID.
  • "About" tab now shows location the executable is running from.
  • Handle appointments with no end date.
  • Interval of >1 hour not working properly.
  • Merging items G->O not reliable.


  • Use application name for shortcut link.
  • Make proxy, push sync and start on startup take effect without saving.
  • New abort method to kill background sync.
  • Added links to TroubleShooting Help section.
  • Minimum of 10 mins sync interval.
  • Force sync of exceptions when creating recurring event.
  • Google signature when event has no start/end time.
  • Prevent concurrent syncs (push + manual).
  • Error when updating an event just migrated from appointmentID to globalID.
  • Not syncing annual recurrences with month falling within sync range.
  • G->O switching to/from all-day events.
  • rRule UNTIL value may not include time.
  • G->O item comparison logic causing duplicates.

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