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Released: Apr 8, 2017
Updated: Apr 8, 2017 by phw198
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Application v2.3.6.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1400K, uploaded Apr 8, 2017 - 1043 downloads

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Application v2.3.1.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1391K, uploaded Oct 16, 2016 - 1416 downloads
Application v2.3.2.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1394K, uploaded Jan 8, 2017 - 823 downloads
Application v2.3.3.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1397K, uploaded Feb 19, 2017 - 269 downloads
Application v2.3.4.0 - Portable ZIP
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Application v2.3.5.0 - Portable ZIP
application, 1400K, uploaded Apr 2, 2017 - 312 downloads

Release Notes


Final .NET Framework v3.5 release.

  • Could not access settings.xml file concurrently.


  • Exclude cancelled Google Events from sync.
  • If API quota exhausted, postpone next sync until new quota available (08:00 UTC)
  • Handle "Start on startup" error if user doesn't have rights to update registry
  • Double-click on tray icon during sync will no longer abort sync.
  • Detect if OGCS and Outlook are running at different security elevations (1 as Administrator)
  • Alexa timezone issue backported to Outlook 2003.
  • Handle Outlook recipients with no AddressEntry.Type
  • Hiding of splash screen.
  • Recurrence for "last day of month" O->G
  • GDI+ errors on Outlook setting tab.


  • Temporarily add forceSave attribute to items that must be saved (eg GUID attributes populated).
  • Default to not sync attendees.
  • Tooltip warning added for syncing attendees.
  • Framework for providing pool of API keys. Google are getting grumpy about quota.
  • Added ability to sync a shared calendar.
  • Removed EWS configuration.
  • Disabled Alternate Mailbox and Shared Calendar options for Outlook2003.


  • Workaround Alexa GMT timezone offset problem.
  • Donors can hide the splash screen!
  • 3-way sync supported! (Eg, central Google cal syncing to 2 Outlook calendars).
  • Now saves entryID, globalID and calendarID for watertight comparison.
  • CSV exports now include these extra IDs.
  • Improved use of HRresult error codes and hex values.
  • Improved reporting of calendar items which could not be created/updated in Google.
  • Handle Outlook recipients with no valid email better.
  • Handle regex against appointments with null Subjects
  • Subscription expiry/rollover


  • Only match "data" element of Outlook global ID
  • Timezone database moved to separate file that auto-updates itself
  • Allow single quotes at start/end of email address local-part
  • Log exception type and code number for errors (need to remove reliance on English error message text)
  • Skip corrupted items and inform user of the problematic item(s)
  • Skip recurring iCalendar Events that have no RRULE - Outlook does not support them.
  • Handle non-Exchange recipients with no AddressEntry.
  • Ensure notification tray icon is initialised before using it for LogBox errors.
  • Mark cached Event exceptions dirty when master is updated.
  • Syncing to Outlook may cause some items to be deleted incorrectly.


  • Allow sync of calendar from any Outlook folder/store (instead of just by mail account).
  • Progress bar added when retrieving Outlook calendars (can take a while).
  • Added option to use own Google API keys (thanks ixe013).
  • Customise Google API error message back to user.
  • Allow sync range >365 days if using personal API keys.
  • Double-click "About" paths to open.
  • Updated NodaTime.dll
  • Get exact error message when failed to retrieve refresh token & improved advice.
  • Sync recurring annual if month is within sync range
  • Regression - don't always do dummy update for Appointments

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