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There are two options for installing this synchronisation tool:-
- ClickOnce installation
- Unzip

A concise graphical guide to configuring the application can be found at

ClickOnce Installer

  • Automatically checks for new versions and updates if required
  • Uninstall via Control Panel and Add/Remove programs
  • Requires local admin privileges
  1. Download the install file
  2. Run the media, selecting any defaults

Note: If you have installed v1.1.3 or earlier using ClickOnce, the project name has changed. To receive automatic updates, please edit the OutlookGoogleSync.appref-ms file to:, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a30846ba3587a523, processorArchitecture=x86


  • No install required, so no admin rights necessary
  • No automatic update or checking for new versions
  1. Go to the latest release page
  2. Select the link under "Other Available Downloads" and download the ZIP file
  3. Unzip the file to a location of your choice
  4. Run the extracted exe file to start the sync tool

Security Alert Suppression

Although there is a bit more flexibility on the management of security popups in 2007 and later, there are some free third party tools that may help:

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